Autism FYI Org. is seeking your monetary support for the IRIS Safety Program. We are quickly getting approval and cooperation from Police, Sheriff and EMS Officers in Maryland, and National Organizations. Help us provide those on the Autism Spectrum a means of community safety through early recognition and a 24 hour Hotline Service.

There are multiple anecdotes of individuals on the Autism Spectrum suffering with:

  1. Bad Outcomes (incarceration, injury, tasing, death)
  2. Unemployment
  3. Supportive Independent Living Arrangements

These led to the development of  “Autism FYI Organization.” There is a need for contributions to make the whole endeavor successful. The immediate need is for the maintenance of the IRIS safety program dedicated to those on the Autism Spectrum. Concurrently, is the beginning of the Workforce, which focuses on employment needs and accommodations for those on the Autism Spectrum. This combo addresses items 1 and 2.



Thank you for your interest in learning more about volunteer opportunities at Autism FYI Organization! The important work that Autism FYI does in promoting safety for individuals with autism would not be possible without our volunteers.

Currently, Autism FYI is seeking volunteers who are committed to serving those on the spectrum. Autism FYI’s team includes professionals and family members from varying backgrounds and experiences. Volunteers and interns have the opportunity for professional growth and networking through collaboration with knowledgeable and seasoned professionals. Our team members include Doctors, Actors/Publishers, IT Engineers, Education Instructors, Event Planners, Social Workers, among many others. Individuals can serve Autism FYI as a volunteer supporting events, raising donations, spreading the word, and helping distribute materials. An easy way to support us is to support citizens you meet that are on the Autism Spectrum with a smile, helpful hand and understanding.

There are many important roles that volunteers play within our organization. Some volunteer activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Promoting our website, and Social Media accounts
  • Reviewing and improving upon website content, updating links and resources and checking website navigation;
  • Creating databases and conducting internet research;
  • Participating in and assisting with fundraising activities;
  • Grant Writing;
  • Assist employees as they prepare membership cards, packaging registrant’s products, making ID tags and heat-pressing labels on products.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please submit your application. It is very important that volunteers communicate their specific interests so their service to Autism FYI can be a satisfying experience. Credit towards High School graduation requirements for community service is also available as we are a 501c3 Non-profit Organization.

 Click here to Download the Volunteer Application Form