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AFYI is Giving!

Helping those with Disabilities like Autism, Alzheimer’s, IDD, Down’s, Stroke, P.T.S.D, Huntington’s, A.L.S, and Epilepsy. 

Consider how you can give by supporting those helping others. We can’t do it without money. We will do the heavy work of training, manning the hotline, communicating with members who need our support with our free IRIS Safety Program, spreading the word to communities and making that training available online for free. You can partner with us to help make that happen.

Your gift can help pay for Alert  products like:

  • seat belt covers,
  • decals for car windows or front doors, 
  • back packs,
  • wristbands,  
  • USB bracelets

for someone with Autism or a neurological disorder that needs special considerations to help keep them safe.


First Responders like law enforcement and Fire/EMS or School Resource officers can’t identify that required special need when it is invisible to the naked eye. A simple alert logo can give them that heads-up, allowing responders to take those considerations into account when the situation warrants. Training First Responders to recognize someone with special needs and what kind of help they need can make the interaction smoother, instead of worse. In the US this year, 136 deaths of individuals with Special needs have occurred  while in the custody of law enforcement. The increase in incidence, difficulty identifying that need, lack of training, and lack of strategies to help control an encounter with someone on the Autism Spectrum, Mental health issues, or Invisible Disabilities makes this tragedy too frequent. AFYI is trying to change that. We believe training for First Responders should be free. However, it costs to develop the programs, train first responders in the classroom, host the programs online, create and host the phone app, notify those with disabilities that this program is available, and of make the items. AFYI employ’s those on the Autism Spectrum to help make the program run smoothly. You can help too. 

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