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Who we are

IRIS is the first National Program dedicated to the safety of those on the Autism Spectrum, Intellectual & Developmental Disorders, and Brain Injury for their early recognition in the community. This is not a replacement for public education and awareness campaigns about Autism and Special Needs Communities.Through the use of easily identifiable logos and products that assist in emergency situations, our 24 hour hotline can be contacted to receive important member information.


This is merely one cog, in a wheel of many, necessary to help the individual with Autism, Brain Injury, or IDD to function safely and effectively in their communities. Bringing awareness to First Responders through free training and alert logos to provide immediate recognition that special considerations are in order, we help those with disabilities stay safe and receive the appropriate help needed. The IRIS Program is a subsidiary of Autism FYI Organization whose goals include programs for safety, employment and independent living for adults with autism.

How it works

The Iris Program page will have you create a login. Http:afyi-iris.orgThis is usually done by the parent or guardian. More than one child or person can be registered by the same person. Each will have a unique ID #. A series of questions will follow that have been created specifically for those with IDD (Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities),  the Autism Spectrum, or Neurologic Disability. Some are mandatory and others are not. You can send a picture to accompany your registrant’s information on the ID card and USB to Giving enough information to assist in an emergency is important to allow appropriate care. You will then be able to choose any of the add-ons which are the supportive products. These are available to both registrants and nonregistrants. Public awareness by using the logo allows for early recognition,. Once registered, your membership kit will be created and mailed to you. A letter notifying your local Police Department as well as your local Fire/Rescue Department of your registration and address will be mailed. Your member ID card, with picture if desired, will be mailed to you. A pdf file of the emergency logo, the hotline phone number and your member ID number will be emailed to you in order for you to print on iron-on paper, cut out and iron-on to any clothes or bags. In an emergency, if  you choose to purchase a USB product, and the emergency responder has access to a computer, the USB device  will have the important information readily available. If there isn’t a computer available, the Hotline phone number,printed on the band, ID card or other products, is accessible 24 hours a day. Someone will be available to retrieve the member’s information as well as assist in contacting that person’s emergency contact. They can also help by instructing the emergency responder on how to best help that person to get the care they need. Resources and Social stories are available on the website to help teach those individuals on the spectrum, as well as emergency responders, about how to interact initially with each other in an emergency. We need all parents and guardians to take part in this instruction process. The website is also filled with information and training for those with Special Challenges.

IRIS Products

Prices and Fees- Use our downloadable order sheet.   Product Order Form

  • Registration which includes Membership Package consists of a Membership Card, PDF file of logo with ID # to print on iron-on transfer paper, Letter notifying your local Police/Fire Department of Membership) and Hotline availability —-FREE
  • Patches (either Square or triangular) each ————$8.00
  • Terry wristbands (each)————————————$10.00
  • Spandex Sleeves (per pair) ———————————$20.00
  • Annual registration renewal ——————————$10.00
  • USB Bracelet with Registry information ———- $10.00
  • USB Lanyard with Registry information ———$15.00
  • Baseball Cap with logo ——————————$30.00
  • Seat Belt cover with logo —————————-$15.00
  • Fidgit carrying bag with logo and tips ————-$10.00
  • Fidgits in a carrying bag witih logo and tips—— $20.00
  • CalmCollars ——————————————-$25-$45 by size
  • Shipping and handling will be added to orders individually
  • Refund policy- Registration fee is 100% refundable in the first 72 Hours.
  • After that, fees are non-refundable. Name and data will be removed.

Our Guidelines / Procedures

  • Confidentiality- No personal information given will be sold to other agencies. Information provided to the ddatabank will be provided in event of an emergency. Prior to full disclosure of all information, we will attempt to contact emergency contacts. If unsuccessful, the information will be provided anyway, consistent with our mission to insure the safety of all concerned. By registering, you agree that you understand this and accept these terms.
  • Refund Policy- Should you decide within 72 hours that you no longer want to be part of the Databank, your money will be 100% refunded. Should you no longer want to be part of the Program after that time, no refund will be given but your information will be removed. Should there be an error on the ID tag, a corrected one will be provided free of charge. Should you need a replacement ID tag, one will be provided for $25.
  • Access to IRIS Databank- One parent or guardian can register more than one registrant. Each will have their own individual unique ID number. As the information changes, the person who set up the account can access the information and update it. We encourage this. If the information is not correct in the databank, it will not help your child to receive the proper care in time of need.
  • Concerns- Should you have any questions or concerns please direct them to or call 301-367-1042.