• Visual Identification-ID bracelets/tags/ decals
    ID Tags /bracelets with an easy recognizable Logo and a unique identification number. Also patches, clothing, and decals with the same logo is available to make it easy for those with sensory issues that are unable to wear jewelery.
    ID tags with USB access to medical history and medications, emergency contacts, triggers of bad behavior, calming strategies, Physicians, and demographic data.
  • Early recognition of need for special considerations with interactions
  • Partner/Resource in an emergency situation with someone on the Autism Spectrum
    Access to member’s information in an emergency via 24-hour Hotline# (1-855-487-0777)
    24 hour Answering service available to retrieve important data when no USB access is available. Also, assistance in contacting emergency contacts when someone with an ID is found.
  • Global Training of Registrants and Emergency Responders
    Training to a standardized response to both the ones on the Autism Spectrum as well as emergency personnel can help set up a predictable dialogue and decrease misinterpretations, unwanted responses, and bad outcomes. This will be done via letters to emergency responders in the area of the registrants, graphic novels, games, public awareness campaign, and downloadable stories.
  • Employment of those on the Autism Spectrum
    Employment opportunities- The registry employs those on the Autism Spectrum to run the engraving machine, packaging and shipping, and work in other areas.
  • GPS and RF tracking devices
    GPS and RF tracking devices available in the very near future to assist when someone is lost or elopes, a commonality among those on the Autism Spectrum.
  • Notification of Registrants local police and Fire and Rescue service
    A letter or email will be sent to your local departments explaining the program and alerting them to the alert logo, your child’s name and address, and suggested dialogue should they encounter an emergency with them. More downloadable information sheets can be downloaded to give your teachers, babysitters, physicians, etc.
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An Emergency can make anyone anxious, scared, and irrational. When it happens to someone on the Autism Spectrum, it can be MUCH worse. Someone with communication challenges can quickly become loud, silent, or unable to communicate. This makes it difficult for Police Officers, Firemen, or EMS providers to assess accurately or treat the situation properly. If an identifying emblem/icon is being worn on the wrist or clothing, this can bring instant recognition and quick adjustment in the expectations and actions of the Emergency Responder.

If you suspect or identify someone in need of help to be on the Autism Spectrum, keep these helpful tips in mind. Even though all individuals on the Autism Spectrum can be different, there are some universal commonalities and these easy steps can decrease the potential of an escalated situation.

  • Be Calm
  • Do Not Touch the individual without asking/warning them first
  • Identify yourself and your presence there to help
  • Turn off flashing lights and sirens if possible
  • Ask to see their ID bracelet, tag or clothing with icon and ID#
  • Call their Emergency Contact ASAP to assist in the interaction
  • Call the 24 hour Hotline 855-487-0777 for information about someone on the Registry or general help with someone on the Autism Spectrum
  • Clarify All Communications for understanding by all participants

A Decal is available for any Emergency Vehicle with a reminder of each of these tips. Parents can help their child on the Autism Spectrum by teaching them to:

  • Respect Police Officers, EMS Responders, and Fire Fighters
  • Tell the Emergency Responder His/her name and that they are Autistic
  • Show His or Her ID bracelet, card, patch or sleeve to the Emergency Responder
  • Make sure they are wearing their membership bracelet or products when outside of home.

Police & EMS Services Collaboration

  • Representation from EMS and Police Department  on our Advisory Committee Board to ensure that the protocols meet both the member on the Autism Spectrum and the EMS/Police Personnel’s needs
  • EMS and Police Awareness of the symbol and products for the National Registry
  • Availability of 24 Hour Hotline# (1-855-487-0777) to First Responders for all members of the Registry by utilizing ID#
  • Access to stored information on the members’ USB Bracelet

Training Protocol

  • A protocol, designed as a script, that can help to alleviate anxiety for someone on the Autism Spectrum.
  • Sharing the protocol with the registrant as well as their local Police Department, Fire Department and EMS, (identified through registration) provides this continuity.
  • Decreasing the anxiety can help promote a more positive outcome.