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Fidget Alert Bag without fidgets


This vinyl backpack type bag is light weight and easy to fold up and put in the car. It is great to fill with fidgets, snacks, and phone number of the responsible person when going on an outing. When worn by the person with Autism, it helps to indicate the wearer has Autism and the tips on how to interact are on the opposite side. It can also be used in school during emergency situaltions when students need to file out, or when a child with Autism needs to be shipped to an emergency room so that those interacting will know how to be most helpful. They are sold with and without fidgets.

ID Card


This plastic ID card is printed with the name of the person with Autism Spectrum Disorder, their DOB, address, phone number, and 1 or 2 emergency contacts names and phone numbers

Spandex Sleeves


This Spandex moisture wicking sleeve is comfortable and bears the logo that tells others you are on the Autism Spectrum and special considerations may be necessary in their interactions with you, in order to minimize misunderstandings of words or actions. The added benefit to this sleeve is that it makes you look like a star.

Terrycloth Wristband


Quick recognition in a soft fabric can be less irritating to some and stylish. Absorbent of sweat, this can be worn even in the heat of Summer.The personal ID # is attached with cloth label and heat press.

Triangle Patch


This cloth patch is intended to visually disclose the diagnosis of Autism while providing a 24-hour hotline number for help. It has a strong adhesive backing and lasts through inumerable machine washes and dryings. It can be adhered to anything.